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The Power is in the Plant

Agave drawing

La Planta Mezcal is an exciting project that was born with the purpose of disseminating and promoting mezcal, honoring the roots and values of the Mexican countryside. With a focus on ancestral wisdom and rituals connected to this drink, our mezcal offers a unique experience


The agave angustifolia, commonly called maguey espadín, is another emblematic species of Mexico used in the production of mezcal. This agave is characterized by its compact growth and narrow, deep green leaves. It is appreciated for its versatility, since its neutral flavor allows the characteristics of the terroir to be highlighted in different regions of Mexico. Maguey espadín is widely cultivated in various parts of the country, contributing to the diversity of flavors in the world of mezcal, with nuances that range from herbal to fruity, making this species an essential base for the preparation of this iconic Mexican drink. .

mezcal espadin planta
cupreta mezcal planta


The agave cupreata, also known as maguey papalote, is a species of agave endemic to Mexico that is characterized by its compact shape and rosettes of bluish leaves. This agave is essential for the production of mezcal, since its sweet and woody pineapples provide a unique flavor to the drink, with earthy and fruity notes that distinguish it from other agave varieties. Its cultivation is concentrated mainly in the Guerrero region, where it is cultivated with dedication and respect for ancestral traditions.

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